Vaper’s Tongue: Its Causes and How to Deal with It?

Vapers tongue

Vaper’s Tongue: Its Causes and How to Deal with It?

Imagine a day when you are extremely thrilled to try your new vape flavour and after taking a few inhales you couldn’t taste the vape flavour anymore. This devastating condition is called Vaper’s Tongue.

Vaper’s Tongue

‘Vaper’s Tongue’, also known as ‘Vaper’s Fatigue’ is a condition where unexpectedly and without any warning, the vaper loses the ability to taste the vape flavour. During the vapers tongue, the vaper barely gets the e-juice flavour. It is a universal phenomenon and most vapers will experience it often. Vaper’s tongue usually lasts for a few hours to days, but some vapers have reported that it persisted for a full two weeks barely able to taste the vape flavours. 

What is a Vaper’s Tongue?

The term Vaper’s Tongue became a common phenomenon years ago when many vapers claimed that there were occasions at which their tongue felt like it suddenly developed a thick coating that prohibited the ability to taste. Vaper’s tongue doesn’t block nicotine absorption or vapour production. But your ability to taste the full flavour of your e-juice is equally important and is lost.

What causes a Vaper’s Tongue?

We have about 2000 to 8000 taste buds that regenerate every 10 days. Our gustatory sense requires saliva to provide efficient taste buds. Vaping sometimes causes a dry mouth due to continuous inhale that dry up the saliva. When we run out of saliva, the sense of taste vanishes.

Flavour fatigue is another reason for a vaper’s tongue. This happens due to Olfactory fatigue. After prolonged exposure to a specific smell, we temporarily become used to it that our olfactory sense loses its perception thereby causing olfactory fatigue.

Our olfactory senses and taste buds need to work together for full flavour perception. Smell accounts for up to 70% of perceived flavour. 

Other Reasons

Prolonged smoking also causes vapers’ tongues. Findings from recent research prove the same. Also if you recently end or quit smoking after a prolonged period of smoking, it causes vaper’s tongue. Your taste sense will be hindered. We can’t specify a time for restoring the taste buds. However, it generally takes about one month from the time of quitting.

The other common causes for vapers’ tongues are taste disorders, damaged tongues and may be due to illnesses like stuffy nose, dental issues and respiratory infections.

Remedies for Vaper’s Tongue

Having learnt the causes of Vaper’s Fatigue, the next question is how to cure the vaper’s tongue. An absolute way for a vaper’s tongue fix is absent. But the relieving part is these effects are temporary. Vaper’s Tongue is a common issue among the wine testing community, perfume testers and coffee testers as they are prone to a particular taste and fragrance for a long period. Let us discuss the possible remedies to fix this issue.

Water Consumption

Staying hydrated is not only essential for health, but it can help us in regaining the efficiency of our taste buds, thereby restoring the ability to enjoy the vape flavours. We advise vapers to increase their water consumption especially when they are into vaping. No matter what caused the dry mouth, the first remedy is always water consumption.

Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption

Beverages containing caffeine or alcohol causes dry mouth and are classified as diuretics; make you urinate frequently. This leads to dehydration which causes the vaper’s tongue. So if you are experiencing dry mouth, it is good to limit the use of these two products.

Use an Oral Hydration Product

Oral hygiene aids like Biotene temporarily cure dry mouth. These products are available in different forms including mouthwash, spray, toothpaste, and overnight gels. The main advantage of using Biotene is that it doesn’t have an alcoholic content, unlike other oral cleaning and freshness products. 

Clean your Tongue

A clean tongue is another solution that ensures your taste buds imparts the optimal taste during your vaping session. Always clean your tongue for a better vaping experience. And you can use a tongue scraper to remove the thick film of dry accumulants.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is not just a remedy to vaper’s tongue, but the best thing you can do to your health too. If you are a chain smoker who finds it difficult to quit smoking, switching to smoking helps you achieve the goal.

Long Breaks between Vaping Sessions

If you are a chain vaper, it influences your smell and taste receptors. One way to reduce the vape time is by increasing the nicotine level. Higher nicotine satisfies you for a longer period. If you are not fond of introducing nicotine into your vapes, you can take longer breaks between each vaping session to give your taste buds a rest.

Switching Juices

Vaping the same flavour all the time makes it less entertaining than it originally was. This is because the olfactory sense can only tune in to a single aroma for a long time. If you face flavour fatigue often, it is better to switch it up a little bit. Switching vapes also offers an opportunity to experiment with the latest trendy flavours, that you otherwise won’t happen to find. This practice helps you to explore the wide range of vape juices available in the market.

Try a Mentholated Cooling Flavour

Menthol flavours refresh one’s mind and body equally. It is rare to find someone who doesn’t love the flavour. Even if you are not fond of this flavour, it might be exactly what you need to get rid of the vaper’s tongue. This flavour doesn’t have a particular smell or taste. It activates thermoreceptors thereby resetting your taste buds and giving you a change of pace from your usual flavours.

Vape Unflavoured

Vaping unflavoured e-juice is one of the right ways to get rid of the vaper’s tongue. It is like emulating a vape break without actually taking one. Unflavoured vape juice is cheaper than flavoured ones making it budget-friendly.

Permanent Vaper’s Tongue

In some cases, the vaper’s tongue stays for a few hours to days, but in some others, it stays for about months. The prolonged loss of flavour is called  a permanent vaper’s tongue. In that case, you need to enquire about ‘How to Vape Properly’.  If you have already tried all the above-mentioned methods and still have flavour fatigue, let us try something else.

About a greater percentage of Britons are currently taking prescription drugs and dry mouth is a common side effect these days.

Common medications to treat depression, anxiety, allergies, colds, joint pains and many other common illnesses can cause a dry mouth. Cannabis products also impart the same effect when they are vaped.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor or dentist if there is a permanent vaper’s tongue that longed for more than 2 weeks. They can easily identify the cause and advice a solution.


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