Why does my vape taste burnt?

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Burnt vape taste is a common phenomenon that many of us face during vaping, irrespective of our vape device types. The burnt vapour cloud itches your throat and causes coughs that hurt your lungs. Are you thinking of ‘why my vape tastes burnt often’? Well, we have an answer to it. The reasons for this unpleasant sensation are diverse. But with the right knowledge of the mechanism of vaping, we can effortlessly nullify this emetic experience.

Why does the vape have a burnt taste?

The dry burnt taste of vape might be because of many reasons. We need to understand our vape device before commencing our vaping session. Listed below are a few reasons why we can get our vape taste burnt.

Running low on e-liquid:

If your vape lacks adequate vape liquid for wicking the atomizer coil, it may lead to burnt vape hits. The wick is that vape accessory that soaks the vape liquid, which in turn forms vapours when the coil is heated up. If the vape device is drained out of vape liquid, the coil starts burning and it causes an unpleasant burnt taste in the mouth.

Chain Vaping:

Chain vaping is the most common cause of burnt hits. Continuous puffs will dry the wick faster. If you sense the inception of a burnt hit, with a slightly roasted taste, give a rest to your vape pen that allows the e-liquid a wick-time on the dry spots.

Improper priming of coils (Open System Vape):

Before filling the tank for vaping, we should properly prime our coil head. It is the process of directly soaking the wick to ensure proper saturation before the commencement of vaping. The dry cotton that comprises the wick is tightly compacted, making it less porous. Hence, incorrect priming may end up in a burnt vape taste.

High Power Vaping (For Open System Users)

Vaping at wattages excessive of coil head limits will vaporise e-liquids too fast. It may inhibit the resaturation of the wick even when there is enough vape juice available, ending up in burning the wick, thereby providing a burnt vape taste.

Vaping with High VG e-liquid:

Not every vape are designed with the same calibration. While some vape tanks allow high VG juice, others require 50% or more PG for proper functioning. Often, vape devices with small diameter holes are designed for low VG vape juice, they will not bode well with high VG e-juices.

How can we prevent our Vape from Burning Out?

A long-awaited vaping session can turn out to be the worst nightmare if we experience a burnt taste in between the vaping session. But, with proper knowledge of vaping and executing the perfect methodology, we can nullify the chances of burnt vape tastes.

Alter Vaping Technique

Taking lots of short and frequent puffs dries out the wick. Hence, longer and slower puffs with a cool time of 15 to 20 sec between each puff facilitate a good vape session. It allows enough time for the atomizer and wick to absorb sufficient e-liquid for the next puff, enhancing the vaping experience.

Avoid the Cold

The viscosity of the e-liquid increases with dropping temperature. Thickening the e-liquid hinders the flow into the atomizer and wick. We recommend you store your vape device at a temperature of about 25°C for the best use of it.

Check your levels

Always investigate the amount of vape liquid in your pods before commencing a vape session to understand the number of puffs you can have with the vape liquid.

Timely Cleaning of Coils

The residue build-up is a common culprit in burning the coils, causing a vape burnt taste. The timely cleaning of coils ensures the longer durability of the vape device. However, not all coils can be cleaned. There are disposable cartridges and other vape devices that are not designed to disassemble, they do not provide a provision for cleaning. But if your refillable pod has a disassembling provision, clean the coil often for a better vape session.

Reduce the Use of High VG Vape Juices

VG juices usually have high sugar content and are generally thick. The build-up on coils created by the VG fluids is quicker than other juice ratios. It will reduce the durability of the coil. If you are still fond of high VG vape liquids, make sure you use a vape device with a vape tank designed to handle the unique properties of VG fluid.

Don’t Rush to High Power

The chances of roasting the coil are high if we crank our vape to the highest temperature with the very first usage. Even if your coils are designated to run at a high-temperature level, do not push a surge of power all at once for, it would ruin the sensitive electronics involved in the vape device. Start from a lower wattage and work your way to the ideal temperature you need.

The Vape Emotion

Vaping is an emotion that is complete only if the session is seamless. If a burnt vape taste comes in between a long-awaited vaping session, there is nothing worse than that.  But the fact is, we can get devoid of this bitter experience that chokes us with simple care of our devices and habits. Although it takes some effort and intelligence, the results are worthy with the consistently delectable vaping session.


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