How to Vape Properly? Beginners Guide to Inhale Vape

How to Vape Properly? Beginners Guide to Inhale Vape

It is a common scene where the ones new to vaping find the experience disappointing at the beginning of their vaping journey. It is mainly because they tend to forget that vaporizers are not cigarettes, so their calibration is different. If used properly, nothing can ever give the satisfaction and fulfilment that a vaping experience provides. The lung hit that a vaporizer provides is something that a smoker always craves. But unlike cigarettes, these are healthy and adapting. Understanding how to vape properly is the key to a memorable and satisfying experience. However, many times the users ignore this fact when they dive into their first vape kit. From knowing how to inhale a vape properly to finding the best e-liquids to suit your needs and how to use a vape mod, brief research before commencing vaping can boost your vaping journey.

How To Use A Vape? 

If you are a novice to vaping, you need to know how to use your vape. It is always advisable to start with simple and easier mods. When it comes to vaping devices, simpler mods don’t mean that they are inferiors. You can get a collection of vape kits and vape juices in the UK through Cambridge Labs, which assures you with all the necessities to fulfil your smoking needs easily. The major vaporizer types include:

Pod Vape 

Pod vapes are ideal for the ones who are trying hard to switch from cigarette smoking. Refillable pods, as well as Standard pod devices, are available in the market. Pop your favourite e-liquid into the pod. You leave it for 10-minute saturation. Later, you can insert your pod into your vaporizer and begin to vape. It is as simple as that! Pod vape is the convenient alternative to cigarette smoking as the former can emulate the feel the latter provides. Pod system uses less e-liquid in a day, and hence it is easier to switch from flavour to flavour while using them.

All In One Vapes

The All in one vape is also efficient in providing a hassle-free vaping experience. All you need to take care of is the addition of your e-liquid correctly. Done, you are on your way! The first step is to prime your coil with a few drops of your favourite vape juice, place it in the tank and fill it up. Give a saturation time to your coil, and then you are ready to go! Replace your coil if its performance starts dropping. That’s all that you need to take care of.
You are now familiar with the basics of how to use a vape. Let us discuss how to vape properly in the coming section.

How To Inhale Vape Properly?

A first-time vaper is often astonished by the difference in the inhaling procedure of an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigarette. Basic or intro electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional cigarette in almost every way.
Even advanced electronic cigarettes are designed specifically to provide a unique smoking experience. Although they look much different from a traditional cigarette, the experience is beyond what a traditional cigarette can offer.
However, the technique for puffing and inhaling an electronic cigarette is not as same as that of smoking a traditional cigarette. But if you learn how to inhale a vape properly, there is no looking back! You’ll be vaping like a pro in no time.

What Not To Do In Vaping?

Understanding what not to do is equally important as knowing what you should do. If you are a starter, it is better to avoid quick short drags. Unlike traditional cigarettes, if you smoke an electronic cigarette in this way, your mouth will be filled with e-liquid, which is an unpleasant experience.

How Long To Wait After Each Vape Session?

To ensure greater durability for your e-cig, it is essential to ensure a cooling time after each session for the heating element. A break of few minutes after each session also helps to prevent a sore throat, irritation, or bud burnout. A taste bud burnout is often known as ‘vaper’s tongue.’
If you are a chain smoker who switched to vaping, take a break after 3-7 draws of vaping to steer clear from chain vaping. Allow at least a 2-minute break in between sessions for cooling. Prolonged and repetitive vaping can lead to sore throat, irritation, or taste bud burn out-often called ‘vaper’s tongue.’ It is always advisable to take a break of few minutes after each session to recoup the normal.

Proper Steps To E-Puffing

We have already discussed the mistakes in a vaping practice; now it’s time to discuss the correct way to inhale an electronic cigarette. Here is a list of steps you need to follow for the best vaping experience:

The primer puff

E-cigarettes are designed in such a way that a heated coil causes the e-liquid to evaporate. A primer puff before taking 2 or 3 slow draws acts as a catalyst to kick start your vaping session. For a primer puff, hold down the button for a few seconds to ensure the right evaporation.


Like cigarette smoking, take a slow and steady draw to allow the vapour to fill your mouth. Unlike traditional cigarettes, in e-smoking, you need not draw the vapour directly into your lungs for the desired effect.

Hold and exhale 

Hold the vapour in your mouth for 3-5 seconds before inhaling it into the lungs or exhaling it out through your nose or mouth. In traditional cigarettes, nicotine can be absorbed only through the lungs. On the other hand, e-smoking can be first absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth and then by the nose and lungs.


The traditional cigarette smoker can achieve the hit within 8 seconds after taking a puff. But in the case of e-smoking, it takes about 30 seconds to achieve the hit. It would be a pet peeve for a chain smoker. But the fact is, it is easy to get accustomed to. Moreover, you can find a way out of chain-smoking easily.

Choosing The Right E-Liquid

It is a lengthy and tough process to select between propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) e-liquids. It is essential to find out which works best for us. The former delivers a stronger and intense flavour with an efficient and powerful kick, making it suitable for chain smokers. On the other hand, the latter delivers great clouds when exhaling, making it best for the cloud chasers.
Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer a wide array of flavours to rely on. Not just the usual tobacco flavour, you can have a menthol vape juice for a chilling and refreshing mood and fruit flavours for a smooth and rejuvenating experience.
It is always ideal to make an experiment before fixing onto a particular e-liquid. Once you find the right ratio and flavour for you, things will become smoother.


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